All recipes in this blog are vegetarian. Vegan recipes are marked with a green check-mark.


goat cheese stuffed mushrooms (Martha Stewart magazine)
chickpea radish hors d'oeuvres (Vegan Yum Yum) - vegan
wild mushroom croutons (Fine Cooking magazine) - vegan


Thai coconut curry soup (Martha Stewart magazine) - vegan
carrot soup with miso and sesame (Smitten Kitchen) - vegan
tabbouleh soup (Running with Twizzers) - vegan
cannellini and kale soup (Martha Stewart magazine) - vegan
minestrone and parmesan biscuit potpie (Martha Stewart magazine)
vegetarian green chili (Better Homes and Gardens magazine) - vegan
raw cream of broccoli soup - vegan, raw
peanut and squash soup (Fine Cooking magazine) - vegan
spiced chickpea and tomato soup (Martha Stewart magazine) - vegan
broccoli rabe, butternut squash, and white bean soup (Cooking Light magazine) - vegan
golden lentil stew (Martha Stewart magazine) - vegan
smoky bean soup with lemon-pea coulis and sesame flavored shiitake mushrooms - vegan
red lentil mulligatawny soup (Cooking Light magazine) - vegan


roasted beets and leek salad (Cooking Light magazine) - vegan
miso slaw (Sprouted Kitchen)
green salad with white beans, apples, and walnuts (BHG magazine) - vegan
miso slaw (Sprouted Kitchen)
roasted sweet potato and orange salad (Cooking Light magazine) - vegan
crunchy pear and celery salad (Eating Well magazine) - vegan, raw
Greek dinner salad (Eating Well magazine)
edamame and greens with sesame dressing (Eating Well magazine) - vegan


lemon parsley Parmesan pasta (Martha Stewart magazine)
spring vegetable couscous (Martha Stewart magazine)
homemade falafel (Vegetarian Times magazine) - vegan
raw pasta with marinara sauce (Any Phyo) - vegan, raw
black beans and rice (Real Simple magazine) - vegan
vegetable tian (Martha Stewart magazine) - vegan
wild mushroom and potato strudel (Wish magazine) - vegan
samosas and turnovers (Cooking Light magazine) - vegan
vegetable patties - vegan
pumpkin and red lentil curry (Cooking Light magazine) - vegan
eggplant curry - vegan
three-sisters casserole (Vegetarian Times magazine) - vegan
vegan pizza - vegan
vegan risotto - vegan


vegan pumpkin pasta sauce (This Can't Be Vegan) - vegan
Thai dipping sauce - vegan
roasted cauliflower (the kitchn) - vegan
dipping sauces part1 - vegan
dipping sauces part2 - vegan
big red pasta sauce - vegan


apple sharlotka (Smitten Kitchen)
lemon curd (Fine Cooking)
apricot sage cookies (Better Homes and Gardens)
earl grey cookies (Real Simple magazine)
citrus-drizzled cranberry-oatmeal cookies - vegan
brandied cranberry-apricot bars (Better Homes and Gardens) - vegan
Scotch shortbread cookies - vegan
Viennese coffee balls - vegan
banana tantin verrines (Tartelette)
sour cream apple pie (Posie gets cozy)
maple baked apples (Real Simple magazine) - vegan
raspberry lemon coffee cake - vegan
truffles (Vegetarian Times)


puffy oven pancakes (Aesthetic Nest)
pumpkin french toast (Dana Made)


refreshing iced tea - vegan



Ideas for vegan camping breakfasts