05 May, 2011

Recipes from the web

Even when not busy studying and working, I don't always get a chance to take pictures of every dish I cook.  Since I often try recipes from blogs and websites I decided to share some of them with you. Today we have my 3 ultimate favorites:

by Alicia Paulson (Posie Gets Cozy)
Image by Alicia Paulson
This is probably the best APPLE PIE RECIPE in the whole wild world.  The creamy slightly tangy filling and crusty topping go sooo well together.  I've baked it twice and both times there was nothing left by the next day.  Thank you, Alicia!

by Dana (MADE)

Image by Dana Willard

In our household this type of breakfasts are called "piggish": sweet, rich, yummy, and utterly amazing!  I am yet to make this BAKED FRENCH TOAST with pumpkin - so far I used raspberries with a little bit of almond extract and it was delicious!!!

P.S. You can easily veganize it by using soy milk and egg-replacer.

Image via Sprouted Kitchen
As soon as spring can be smelled in the air, I crave light salads.  I think my body gets tired of rich and heavy winter food and is ready for some nourishing greens.  This MISO SLAW makes a perfect light spring supper or lunch - full of freshness and yummines.  I am thinking of having some tonight.... mmmm

P.S. Replace Greek yogurt with soy yogurt and enjoy a vegan version of miso slaw

Bon appetit!

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