25 July, 2011

Recipes from the web: Raw edition

Montreal is suffering (or enjoying) a heat wave.  It's way too hot and too humid to do anything, let alone cook.  Last weekend I decided to quickly sauté some veggies and 10 minutes later I was as wilted as my zucchinies and peppers.
What can you eat when thermometer climbs up to 40C during the day?  How about raw food? No, not just salads and smoothies, but a 3-course meal!!!
I have been experimenting with "cooking" raw for a couple of years now and here are my 

favorite easy raw recipes

First course is a bowl of raw broccoli soup.  As you may remember, I am not a big fan of broccoli but the creamy, cool, raw soup was recently added to my short list of favorite broccoli dishes.  I combined 2 recipes: Gena's RAW CREAM OF BROCCOLI SOUP and RAWDORABLY RAW CREAM OF BROCCOLI. The procedure is quite simple: soak nuts (cashews work great), add vegetables and spices, blend until smooth, and serve.

Image by Gena

Main dish - raw pasta with marinara sauce.  This is a very popular raw recipe and just like with regular marinara sauce, each cook has his/her little secrets.  My personal favorite is ANY PHYO'S VERSION.  The only problem is that no one can take a good picture of it - the whole dish is gone in less than a minute!
Image by Jamie Reed via Hello Yoga in Tokio

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