27 July, 2011

Monday ikebana


On Mondays, once every two weeks, I travel to the South-West of Montreal for my Ikebana courses.  Since I am blogging again I decided to share some of our "work" here.  By "our" I mean Mona's, Caroline's and mine.  Mona is the newest student of our group - she just started practicing ikebana a couple of months ago.  Caroline is the most experienced one - she is working towards her 3rd diploma and has been doing ikebana for over 5 years.  As for me, it's my third year and I am hoping to get my first diploma in October.  Our teacher is Josianne - a talented sensei and an amazing person. 

Here is a classical arrangement from KORYU SHOTO-KAI school.  We used cat-tails this time: 3, 5, and 7.

And this is my modern arrangement from the same day.  Aspidistra leaf, small lilies and two other plants, whose names I do not remember. 

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