29 December, 2011

Holiday update

BritGirlTX left a comment about my HANDMADE HOLIDAYS PROJECT:
"'Z' should be ZZZZZZZ .... well earned holiday rest! :O)"
And this is exactly what we've been doing over here: sleeping in, spending time with my sister, watching a bit of TV, making gingerbread house, and listening to Christmas radio
I am happy to be spending a lot of time playing piano.  I am absolutely in love with him and him.... their music is divine!  And yesterday we finally left the house to see RAIN by Circe Eloize and it was unbelievable!!!

I am hoping that all of you are enjoying some quiet and happy holiday time.  I will be back with my regular posts and other projects soon.


P.S. If you are looking for an easy breakfast recipe, try Anneliese's PUFFY OVEN PANCAKES (via Dana's Sweets and Treats Christmas Countdown)

Image by Anneliese

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