21 November, 2011

Handmade Holidays 2011

With December holidays rapidly approaching I am feeling giddy yet overwhelmed: there are just too many things that are needed to be doe before the 24th: decorating, cooking, cleaning, gift buying and wrapping ...
Like many of you I want my holiday time to be stress-free and merry. I also want this year's holidays to be less commercial and more handmade: I am planning on making decorations, baking cookies, and surprising my family with handmade gifts. But where to begin? What should I do first?
And then it dawned on me: why not separate all my tasks by letters and concentrate on one letter per day. With 25 days before Christmas I will have my Cookies and Decorations, my Menu and Presents ready on time!

Here is an adapted version of my original schedule: instead of waiting for the first of December I decided to begin a little bit earlier to have enough time for my Advent calendar and to have some free time before the 24th.

Starting on the 27th November I will be posting my favorite tutorials and ideas for the letter of the day.  I will also be adding holiday goodness to my PINTEREST BOARDS.

Want to play along?  Grab the Handmade Holiday button:

SAS does

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To get you started, here are some of MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS CREATIONS from last year.


  1. 'Z' should be ZZZZZZZ .... well earned holiday rest! :O)

  2. This is exactly what we've been doing past days!
    Happy New Year!!!