09 February, 2012

{Breakfast club} Sunny smoothie

I wasn't expecting to be making my 2nd breakfast for the BREAKFAST CLUB series so soon but when I woke up last weekend the sun was shining bright and it was just the perfect day for food-photography.

Unfortunately I was absolutely not hungry.  When my usual glass of lemon-honey water did not wake up my appetite, I decided to continue with my day: cleaning, crafting, and watching the beautiful bright sunlight fill the house.  As the light got brighter my energy began dropping and by the time Eric was up I was in need of a breakfast.

Still, nothing seemed appetising to me until I thought of ..... a smoothie.
I rarely have smoothies for breakfast but at that very moment an idea of a fresh, juicy, sweet, and flavourful drink was just what I needed.

This is how tasty Sunny Smoothie was created and how Eric and I got a chance to take pictures on a food-photography-perfect Sunday morning.

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Past breakfast club recipe: ASPARAGUS EGGS BENEDICT


  1. Just tried it and it's very refreshing and light. Can I add some yoghurt next time to make it a bit creamier?

    1. Yes, definitely. You can even try to add some avocado for a more filling smoothie.

      Did you add some green leaves as well?