22 March, 2013


We've got flowers, textured Easter eggs, and now it's time to sew small felted birds.  Do not worry if you have no experience making felt toys, in fact this could be a perfect beginners project because these cute little birds are so easy to make.

First you will need to gather supplies:

  • felt (I've used black and white but you can choose your own colour combo)
  • pattern (right click the image below and select "open in a new window".  Right click the new image and save it on your computer).
  • thread and needle
  • pins
  • filling material (if you do not have any use cut up leftover felt or other fabric)
Cut out the pattern pieces. You will need 2 body pieces and 2 wings, 1 top piece and 1 bottom piece. Pin paper pattern pieces to felt and cut.
Now it's time to stitch pieces together.

You will be using blanket stitch for these birds.  If you are not sure how to blanket stitch, here is an excellent illustrated tutorial.
You can begin assembling the bird from the tail part, attaching one body piece to the top piece.  Cut the thread and attach the second body piece to the other side of the top.  Continue stitching around the bird's head.
When you get to the beak part, stitch together one body part and the bottom part.  Cut the thread and attach the second body piece to the other side of the bottom.
Before finishing stitching fill the bird with filling material (do not use too much of it).  Stitch and secure the thread at the tail.

Your bird is almost done. You can leave it as is or add wings by stitching them to the body (if you are feeling lazy use a bit of glue to attach wings).
You just finished the first felted bird.  Pretty fast and easy, right?
Time to make another one.

And then one more .... and one more ....

Over the weekend I will be taking more pictures of our Easter decor so you can see how I've used these cute felted birds. 
What would you do with a flock of felted birds?

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  1. you are so creative. pretty sure I'd like anything made out of felt...but these really are adorable. looking forward to seeing your whole Easter set-up :)

  2. simple and cute...love them! greetings an happy easter from germany!

    1. Thank you, An_Geli_Ka. Happy Easter to you too!

      P.S. I really like your drawings!

  3. These are super cute! You have some great project ideas!