21 March, 2013


It's the second day of the black-and-white Easter decor week and it is about the most important decor element of any Easter celebration - coloured eggs.
To stay true to the black-and-white theme I've originally thought of dyeing several eggs black while leaving some white. The idea was very simple but I didn't want to use real eggs. Thing is, back when I was leading a strictly vegan lifestyle I was always on a lookout for vegan Easter ideas. This year I wanted to make a vegan Easter egg project.

I thought of felted eggs, fabric eggs, paper eggs, but all of those  ended up being too complicated,  time consuming, or uninspiring.  Looking for a simple solution I walked into a Dollar store and found plastic and styrofoam eggs. I bought both packages without quite knowing what to do with them.

At home Eric watched me unsuccessfully spray-painting plastic eggs and then suggested I simply paint styrofoam eggs with acrylic paint.  Now that was a simple solution but to make sure the styrofoam texture would not be too obvious I first applied white gesso all over the egg.  To hold the egg while painting I "stabbed" it with a metal hook (it was also handy for the drying time when I used a floral block to hold the hook and the egg).


You can use styrofoam or wooden egg shapes for this project. Apply a coat of acrylic gesso to an egg and let dry.  Paint an egg with your favorite shade of acrylic paint.  Repeat if needed.

To bring the project one step further I decided to create some texture.  I was inspired by this project I had pinned a while ago.  Unfortunately I didn't have any Puffy paint and it was too late to go shopping.  I went through my scrapbooking supplies and found 3D crystal lacquer, picked up at a craft store.  I've applied a dot of it to an egg and waited patently for it to dry.  To my pleasant surprise the dot almost didn't loose its shape and I was able to paint over it with acrylic.
Over the next couple of hours I've covered the whole egg with tiny lacquer dots.  Why did it take me so long?  I wanted dots to stay perfectly round so I could only do one part of an egg at time (tilting the egg made lacquer run a little bit).


Begin by covering an egg with acrylic gesso.  Once the base coat dries, squeeze small amounts of 3D crystal lacquer onto the egg.  Let dry and repeat.
To finish cover the egg with another coat of gesso and acrylic paint.

I would love to try more intricate designs with Puffy paint.  If I'll get a chance to make more textured eggs before Easter I promise to share results with you.

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  1. So cute! I found your tutorial on craftgawker! I love how simple and clean these are.

    I um...made some leopard print easter eggs, ha. Definitely come check them out! :)


    1. Thank you, Henna! I was going for a simple and clean look and really like how these eggs came out. And I like your leopard print eggs - not the typical pattern for Easter but super fun!!!

  2. Love this idea!