19 March, 2013


March is a weird month here in Montreal.  The same story happens every year; some time at the beginning of the month we have a couple of warm days.  Days that make you think that winter is over, days that make you feel ready for the sunshine and flowers, days that fool you into believing that it's time for short skirts and sandals.  And then, out of the blue, snow returns and the city gets covered in white.  It happens every year and every year we forget and fall for tricks of March.

I might have not been prepared for a huge snowstorm we are experiencing today but I knew we would need to wait until April for bright colours, blue skies, and warm weather.  That's why I've decided to decorate our house in black and white for Easter and Spring.  Not your usual choice of colours for the occasion but I thought it could be fun to do something different than pastels, baby blues, and misty pinks.

For the next 5 days I will be sharing my black-and-white decor projects and tutorials.  All of them are easily customizable so if you do not want  to, you don't need to keep the black-and-white palette.

We'll start the 5-day marathon with whimsical paper flowers.  I really like these tender beauties.  They look delicate but you'll be surprised how sturdy their petals are, thanks to Mod Podge.  They are also fun to make but I need to warn you that the process is a bit messy.

SUPPLIES: wire, scraps of tissue paper, Mod Podge, floral stem wire (optional and could be replaced by a piece of regular wire).  You will also need a tool to cut the wire and a brush to apply Mod Podge.

INSTRUCTIONS: begin by folding a length of wire into a flower shape.  Make sure to leave inch long ends - they'll be used to tie the flower to its stem.
Wrap flower petals with small pieces of tissue paper and apply Mod Podge.  Fold edges of paper to the back of the flower.
This process is messy and somewhat frustrating at the beginning, since paper might tear because of Mod Podge.  Do not get discouraged and continue covering the shape with paper.
Let Mod Podge dry, you will notice that the flower will stiffen up.  Use small pieces of paper to cover any tears.  Once finished, apply a final coat of Mod Podge and let the flower dry.

Now it's time to attach the flower to the stem by twisting loose pieces of wire around the flower stem wire.  Once attached, wrap a strip of tissue paper tightly around the stem and apply a dab of Mod Podge to keep the paper in place.

You can keep the stem long or cut it short, leave it straight or bend it to give the flower some character.  I chose to combine my whimsical flowers with branches of twisted willow.  I then repeated the design by using flowers as napkin rings.

Use coloured paper for a multicoloured bouquet or, if you are feeling adventures, colour flowers with paint to make your own, unique design.
Let me know if you have any questions and share your creations!
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  1. Such a nice idea! Here's hoping spring comes soon.

    1. Thank you, Ann Martin! I feel that Winter is overstaying its welcome this year.