23 March, 2013


I've learned how to make paper beads while still in kindergarten. I remember running home to tell my mom that I wanted a paper bead door curtain.  The project never happened; most likely I've got discouraged realizing how many paper beads I would need to make.

I knew that one of my black-and-white Easter projects will be made with white crepe paper. I also wanted to make paper beads - easy and fun craft of my childhood.  After going through several ideas I've decided to combine crepe paper and bead making and this tutorial was born.

This is a very easy project and you can make it with kids - they'll be more than happy to help you.  Together you might make enough crepe paper beads for a door curtain.

SUPPLIES: white or coloured crepe paper. If you can't find sheets of crepe paper use crepe paper streamers sold at party and Dollar stores. You will also need a skewer or a knitting needle for bead rolling, glue, scissors, felt (I've used felt leftovers from my felted birds), thread and a needle.

INSTRUCTIONS: Cut long triangles out of crepe paper. If your want your paper beads to be equal in length make sure to make triangles with equal base. Roll paper beads around a skewer, starting with the widest part. Secure with a drop of glue, let dry and remove from the skewer. Repeat.
To make felt separators simply cut out small circles from felt. I've varied my circles in size to add some visual interest to the garland.
To assemble, thread paper beads and felt separators. Secure ends of the thread with knots.

Here is another way to use this garland. Instead of securing the ends of the thread, tie them together to make a crepe paper bead circle. Wrap several times around a napkin for an unusual decorative napkin ring.

I have one more black-and-white Easter project for you.  Stay tuned!

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