22 January, 2013


Can you think of a creative project that you keep "putting off"? You admire works of others yet every time you want to create something similar tons of excuses pop into your head: you have no time, your idea is not good, you have no space for the project ..... You know the story?!

"Artbooking" was this type of creative activity for me. I could spend hours looking through photos of art books, I admired artists' techniques and the free flow of their ideas. Yet I was always reluctant to start an artbook of my own. I kept asking: what if it won't be pretty? what can I write about?  I can not draw to begin with, so what if it will be "weird"?  Questions and doubts soon became excuses: no time, no supplies, no beautiful images, no ideas ....

And then, one day, as I was going though my pile of inspirational images I decided to make a collage (something I rarely, or should I say never made before).  I cut out several images, found scrap paper to go with them, took out a notebook and made A FIRST PAGE IN MY ARTBOOK!

I looked at the collage and surprisingly I didn't find it stupid or useless.  I didn't even think that it was "weird".  In fact, I liked it a lot.  It was not as intricate as pages of seasoned "artbook-makers", but it made me smile and I was happy I created it.

Over the next few months I filled several pages of my art book (I promise to share them with you in "PEEK INSIDE MY ARTBOOK" series) and I continue my "artbooking" adventure.

I might not do it often, but every time I create a page I smile. I take my time to enjoy the process, to marvel at the final creation, and I absolutely love flipping through the pages of my artbook. ... oh, and I am yet to ran out of ideas for pages.

So if you have a creative project that you admire, or a new technique that want to try, or maybe an idea that has been buzzing in your head, do not wait!


Believe me, those excuses and doubts will disappear fast once the process gets started.

I would love to see your creations.  Feel free to leave a link in the comments to show what kind of new projects you've began today!

P.S. For the second part of the series click here



  1. I used to keep adding to an altered book, almost on a regular basis. But it has been far too long since I last worked in one. The time has come! Thanks for sharing your art book :)

    1. Chelsea, I am so glad you found inspiration in my post! Would love to peek inside your altered book.