03 February, 2012

February "TO DO"

Technically, February is the shortest month of the year but sometimes it feels like it's the longest ... specially when you live in the Northern countries. Cold whether, lack of light, wind and snow makes it a little bit difficult to get through the 28 (or 29) days of February.

I decided to make a list of 10 things that will help you to celebrate this wonderful month, to find pleasure in the snowy weather, and to warm you up during the coolest days of the year.  Here is my February "to do" list:

  • 2012 is a leap year and I believe it is worth being celebrated!  Do something special on this "extra" day - have a party, a family get-together, or maybe dedicated it to an activity you always wanted to try.  Whatever you do, do not let the 29th of February passed unnoticed!
  • A great way to spend long February evenings is by doing things you like.  If you do not have a favorite activity, it's a perfect time to pick up a hobby.  It could be something crafty like knitting or sewing, something practical like learning a new language or taking a dance course, or something less practical but fun like becoming an expert in making origami paper planes.  Whatever it is, have fun with it and do not take it too seriously!
  • February is a month of love (think Valentine day) but we often forget to spend some quality time with ourselves.  Schedule a couple of "me" days this month: those are the days when you'll be focusing on yourself.  If you do not know where to begin, stay tuned for the upcoming posts of February's "word of the month"....
  • Looking for a comforting warm meal to serve this month?  How about a bowl of soup?  There are tons of fast and easy-to-make soup recipes out there and most of them call for a vegetable broth.  I find it practical to have several portions of frozen vegetable broth on hand and I find February evenings to be a perfect time for broth-making.  I promise to share my favorite broth recipes with you this month.
  • Cold weather and snowy days should not stop you from enjoying activities outside of you home.  If you are not a big fan of winter sports, snowshoeing, skiing, or playing hockey, find out what kind of things are happening in your town.  Museum exhibitions, theater plays and musical performances are some of great ways to stay indoors and have fun.
  • Good posture can prevent pains, aches, and serious muscular problems.  Why not begin watching your postures right now?
  • Physical exercise is not only good for your body but it can also improve your mood.  So if you are suffering from winter blues, February is a great time to begin exercising.  And if your mood is great, think about the bikini season.  It is closer than you think!
  • Cooler evenings are perfect for bread baking and pizza making.  Do you have a favorite pizza recipe?  An easy foolproof bread-making technique.  Please share it in the comments section.
  • Share some love this month: write love notes, give compliments to your friends, smile to strangers, and be sweet and kind to your close ones.
  • What could be a better way to share love with your friends, than having a get together.  Plan several parties, big and small, throughout the month.  Celebrate your friendships.

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