03 February, 2012

Breakfast club

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  Unfortunately on the work-days my breakfast is rather unexciting: a bowl of muesli with fresh fruit and yogurt and a cup of coffee.  I 've been noticing that recently my weekend breakfasts were quite unexciting as well.  I guess I am being lazy ...
To battle my laziness I am starting a new series: BREAKFAST CLUB.  Every now and then I will be making an effort to cook something special for breakfast and to share the recipe with you.  Ideally I would like this project to last for the whole year and my goal is to make 44* breakfasts in 2012.

I've already cooked my first breakfast (not the one showed on the photo) and will share the recipe over the weekend.  Meanwhile, here are my favorite breakfast recipes from the past: PUMPKIN FRENCH TOAST (I've made several versions of it: pumpkin, banana, raspberries and almonds),  PUFFY OVEN PANCAKES (aka Dutch babies), and SCRAMBLED TOFU (my favorite camping breakfast).

What are your favorite breakfasts?  Easy or time-consuming, sweet or salty ... I would love to hear your suggestions, cuz I don't think I can come up with 44 different breakfast recipes!!!

* 44 is just an arbitrary number.  I should go for 52, for the number of weeks, but I know that there will be weekends when I won't be able to cook or won't feel like cooking.  So why not 44 breakfasts instead?!

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