20 January, 2012

Idea organizing

Since January is a month of organizing, I want to share with you my method of organizing ideas.

I find that using 3 small notebooks helps me to organize not only my work and school-related schedules, but also my creative ideas and my blogging "stuff".

Here is what I use:

I do not have a fixed weekly schedule, instead I hold several part-time jobs and my teaching schedule varies throughout the semester.  So I find having an agenda/weekly planner to be extremely useful. This year I decided to make one myself (tutorial coming up) and this cute red and pink notebook holds all important dates, deadlines and appointments.
I find it useful to use pencil rather than pen in my agenda - this way I can "move" things around easier, keeping pages (more or less) "organized".

Do you remember recycled notebook I've made in October? Well I am using a similar one as my Ideas Notebook. The size makes it perfect for caring around and I use it to write my "to do" lists, phone numbers, ideas that pop in my head throughout the day, shopping lists ...
Once I go through all the pages in this notebook, I will make a similar one to use next month.  Oh, and I will definitely share a tutorial for the new type of binding I use.

I bought this agenda on a whim, while gift shopping in December.  At that time I had no clue it would become an essential part of my idea organizing package.  Now, I use it to plan everything blog-related.  I schedule my posts in the monthly preview and use the rest of the month pages to jot down topics and to sketch post content.  I also have blog outline and plan upcoming series on the "notes" pages of this agenda

How do you keep organized? Where do you store all your favorite ideas?

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