24 October, 2011

Recycled notebook tutorial - part 1

Over the summer I made a little notebook, using one-sided printed papers from my work.  I've been looking at the pile of the scrap paper at my office for a while, thinking of interesting ways to re-use it.... until one day, I realized that the sheets of paper, folded in 4 could be stitched into a cute notebook.

To continue with re-using and upcycling I picked up a scrap cardboard box and bits and pieces of wrapping paper for the cover.  The final notebook is the perfect size to carry around and I use it to note down ideas for craft projects or blog posts.
A couple of days ago I managed to take step-by-step photos of bookbinding for the tutorial.  To make it easier to follow I divided the project into 2 parts: preparation of the textblock and covers and coptic stitch binding.  Click on the image below to see the first part of the tutorial:

Click here for the second part of tutorial