23 October, 2011

days 23 and 22

No, I didn't forget my 30 TO 30 project.  In fact, I have been working on the hard copy of it - making a little notebook to write down the"highlights" of these days.  So, on Friday I printed out some of the images I've been sharing overe here:

It is so cool to have hard copies of the images!  Since the switch to the digital medium I have never printed any of pictures but I think I will try to get into a habit of printing some of  my photos at least once a month.  One more thing to put onto my "resolution list"?
Speaking of lists, I rarely discover new music and tend to listen to the old favorite tunes over and over again (I shall not reveal when was the last time I updated my MP3 player list).  But over the last months I found some new songs/artists I enjoyed.  I decided to write those names down and get some new CDs:
  • Meklit Hadero - "LEAVING SOON"
  • Paolo Conte (not a new name to me but I re-discovered him last month) - "VIA CON ME"
  • Mélissa Laveaux's version of "NEEDLE IN THE HAY"
  • Yael Naim - "SHE WAS A BOY"
  • Arvo Part is my latest musical discovery.  He is one of the most prominent living composers of sacred music.  I've been listening to some of his creations over the last two weeks and THIS ONE is my favorite (My heart is in the highlands)

Yesterday we had a visitor.  He was happy to pose for my "picture of the day".  In fact I managed to get a whole bunch of his images and since Sebka was watching him carefully I snapped several shots of the cat as well:

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