03 November, 2011

days 13 and 12

Do you keep a bucket list?  Are there things you absolutely want to do?  On Monday I tried something I wanted to do for a while - POTTERY!!!  My sister and I attended an introductory pottery course at CREATIVE BOOST.  Workshop description talked about pottery and ceramics and although I was much more interested in the first one I thought that learning about ceramics could be fun.  When we got to the place we were happy to find out that there were only 5 people in our group and we could all concentrate on trying out pottery wheels (since there are only 5 of them in the studio).
So for a little bit over two hours we were centering, opening, and throwing over and over again.  

Liza enjoying pottery

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the meditative nature of pottery.  I am even thinking of taking a 10-class session in January....

Tuesday was nice and quite: work during the day and ikebana in the evening.  I am practicing nageire style (vertical arrangements).  It's a somewhat challenging process for me - I have been working with kenzans for way too long.  Practice, practice, practice .... 
I didn't take any pictures that day, apart from usual ikebana shots:  here is my riginal arrangement (juniper branches and roses)

"Updated" version with rose fruits.

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