01 November, 2011

days 15 and 14

The weekend was truly magical...
First, something happened on Friday night.  When I looked outside of the window on Saturday morning,I saw that our backyard was full of gold:

... and more gold kept falling down, covering the patio table, chairs, flower beds.  Looking up all I could see were golden leaves and blue-blue skies:

I snapped a couple of pictures and admired the beauty brought by the first frost.
Later on I found a link to SILENT MOON which created a perfect ambient music for this magical morning...

And on Sunday, October 30th for the first time in my life, I ate (and baked) a PUMPKIN PIE!

I've made it, following Martha Stewart's recipe and not quite knowing what to expect.  The result was DELICIOUS!!!  Pumpkin pie is my new favorite Fall dessert!
Do you have a favorite pumpkin pie recipe?

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