25 March, 2013


My last black and white decor project happened by accident as I was testing materials for a bigger craft idea. I will be sharing the bigger project some time in April, meanwhile here are rope wrapped Easter eggs (can you say it fast 5 times?)

There are several different ways of attaching a rope to an egg shape. You can use a hot glue gun, a double-sided tape, or get messy with wood glue. I am yet to try the first two methods but here is a scoop on the wood glue technique.

SUPPLIES: Styrofoam eggs (I have used leftovers from my textured eggs), rope, wood glue, brush, white gesso or acrylic paint, pins.

INSTRUCTIONS: Measure a length of rope by loosely winding it over the egg shape. You do not need to be precise.
Prepare the glue solution by mixing 2 parts water with one part glue. For one egg you will need less than 1/4 cup of the glue solution. Soak you rope in glue, making sure it gets saturated and wet thoroughly

While the rope is soaking prepare your work area: lay a piece of wax paper on the table/craft mat, get several pins ready, and you can even wear latex gloves for this one. Squeeze excess water out of the rope, using a pin secure one of its ends at the base of the egg, wrap rope tightly around. If you notice that the rope does not lay nicely use pins to attach it. Continue wrapping and securing until the egg shape is fully covered. Cut the excess rope.

Your egg will now look like a porcupine. Leave it to dry in a well ventilated area. It will take up to 24 hours for glue to fully harden and you will need to rotate the egg after several hours. Make sure the glue is completely dry before continuing.
Wood glue will give your rope a yellow hue. You can cover it with white acrylic gesso or acrylic paint. Use a small knitting hook or a skewer to hold the egg while painting and drying.

And here you have it; fun and messy Easter project!
I have to give credit to Eric for suggesting I use wood glue and for taking that beautiful last shot.  Thank you, my love!

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