06 February, 2013


Today we are making a paper patchwork card. If, like me you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, you will have tons of fun making this Valentine's day card.

Similarly to yesterday's card you need a card base, a square of thinner contract-coloured paper, and a heart shaped template.  You will also need three sheets of paper in coordinating colours (leftover scrapbook paper works great for this project).

After making the card base (you can see instructions here and here) and lightly tracing the heart shape onto the thinner contrast-coloured paper, you will need to make a patchwork guide by drawing straight lines on your heart template.

Once your guide is made use it to cut 3 heart shapes out of patterned scrapbook paper.  Stack 3 shapes coloured side down, put the patchwork guide on top, and use x-acto knife to cut all the hearts in pieces.

The next step is optional but it adds a cute personal touch to your card:
Instead of using coloured square as is write a personal message, a poem, or lyrics of your favorite romantic song.  To give your card some visual interest write diagonally.

Use a glues stick, or any other glue that does not stick immediately, to cover the heart shaped part of the thinner paper and glue pieces of hearts down, varying paper colours.  If some pieces do not adhere well, use a dab of stronger glue.

All you have left to do is to adhere the top part to the card base.  Leave the card under pressure (a couple of thick books would do the trick) over night to make sure that all pieces get glued together.

Note: If you've used 3 different coloured papers for your patchwork you can use leftover heart pieces to assemble 2 similar cards.
Happy crafting!

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