07 February, 2013


I think today's card is my favorite of this week's collection and surprisingly it is not very difficult to make.

You will need a card stock base, a square of thinner contract-coloured paper, lace, and paper to fold an origami heart.  I've used old music sheets but thin coloured paper or old book pages would work as well.

First - glue lace to the paper square.  Cut a piece of lace slightly longer than the width of the square, fold the ends and attach them at the back.  You can secure the ends with masking tape or use small pieces of double-sided tape.

Now it is time to make the origami heart.  Stephanie from Homemade gifts made easy has step-by-step folding instructions for this project.
For dimensions: 4.5"x10.25" piece of paper will make a 3.5x3.5 folded heart.

All you have left to do is glue the heart to the dark-coloured thin paper and then attach it to the card base.

After making the first card I've decided to experiment and made a similar one using burlap and corrugated cardboard.  I really like the mix of rustic and romantic on this one.
Note: the burlap I've had on hand was very loose-woven; it was quite challenging to work with.  I recommend you getting a tighter woven burlap similar to the one used for coffee bags.

Here are two card side-by-side.  I think they work great as Valentine's cards but also as wedding invitations or anniversary cards.

What material would you use for these origami cards?  I would love to see your creations!

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  1. I expected the tutorial for the origami heart

    1. Hello Nassim,
      The link to the tutorial is in the text of the post. I didn't copy the instructions since they are not mine. If you can't find it in the text, here is a direct link: https://www.homemade-gifts-made-easy.com/money-origami-heart-decorative.html

      Feel free to share your creation!!!

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