08 March, 2012

February guest

A while ago, in November, we had a cute visitor on the balcony; begging for peanuts and teasing Sebka.
A couple of weeks ago another type of guest was spotted on our backyard.  I was lucky to have my camera ready and managed to take some shots of the beautiful February guest:

I think he was a little bit camera shy: every time I'd try to snap a picture he would turn away.

Eventually he got restless and decided to hide between tree branches.

The cute moment happened the day after when the same cardinal flew back with his girlfriend. This time she was eating seeds at the bird feeder and he was staying on guard to "protect" her. What a cute couple!


  1. How cool! We don't get cardinals where I live. I'd love to photograph them!

    1. They are very beautiful, indeed. I wish I could get a shot of a cardinal and a blue jay - that would make one colourful image!