27 February, 2012

Bringing creativity back - Winter tag

I've already mentioned my week off blogging and crafting. Having no creative energy was almost depressing so the whole week I was trying to come up with ways to get my creative mojo back.

I believe that creativity is a "muscle": the more you use it, the "better" it gets. So to bring my creative energy back I needed to create something. I needed a simple and fast project that would keep me happily-occupied.

Trying to come up with an idea for a project I made a mental checklist:
  • fast
  • fun and simple
  • challenging
This would also be an incredible opportunity to practice new techniques and mediums I wanted to try before. And to silence my inner critic I wanted to simply create, without any reasons or rules.

For the first creative exercise I decided to make 4 tags (fast and simple, right?) - one for each season.  As it turned out the project was not as fast as it originally seemed but I managed to make all 4 tags in one (long) evening.

I began with winter, which to me means holidays and Christmas-time.  I've used snippets of decorative branches: green, red, and golden.  I also wanted to incorporate something from our Christmas decor so I used a string of a handmade garland.

Here is what I did for the background:
  • primed my tag with white acrylic gesso first and then used 2 distress inks: pine needles and old paper
  • using one of newly-bought stencils printed designs on the background with regular inks
  • sprayed everything with clear glimmer mist - loved how background colours melted and mixed together
  • glued 2 strings of my handmade garland

At this point I noticed that the background calls for more colour.  I wanted to bring back the red of my branches and repeat the round shape of berries, background design, and the garland. I made red confetti to add to the background:
  • sprayed a sheet of paper with red glimmer mist
  • once the sheet was dry - used a hole puncher to punch out confetti
fast, simple, and fun!

Last but not least, I attached all the branches onto the tag.

The tag came out more Christmasy than wintery but I do not mind it at all.  After all, Christmas IS "the most wonderful time of the year".

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