20 February, 2012

I am baaaaack!

I needed to take some time off blogging.  I wasn't planning on disappearing for a whole week, but my creative energy was running low and I guess it was time to take it easy and relax.  Yes, it was a rare time when even crafting or cooking was not doing it for me so I've spent my evening watching a bit of TV, resting, and marveling others' beautiful creations on Etsy... there is SO MUCH talent out there, it's mind boggling!!!

I put together several treasuries inspired by my mood and thoughts of the moment.  Click on the image to get redirected to Etsy and do not forget to compliment your favorite artists.

Don't you just LOVE the colour-combo?

I really want those ballerina shoes even if they are not intended for gardening

all we are is dust in the wind.

Have a wonderful Monday!!!

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