29 October, 2011

days 19 and 18

We are 5 in our house: 3 boys and 2 girls.  Boys are calm, strong, gentle, loving.  Girls .... girls are fun and playful, sweet and beautiful.  Although very much alike among themselves, girls have one main difference: 
  • First girl (me) loves to be in the photos and snaps pictures of herself all the time
  • Second girl (Nyook) is terrified of cameras and runs away every time the words "photo" and "camera" are mentioned
Yesterday, late in the evening, I've managed to snap this shot of our beautiful Nyook and Eric.

And the next day I met my other favorite blond girl - my sister.  One day I will write a 3-page post about my adorable Liza, today I'll just say: "SISTER LOVE". 


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