18 July, 2011

Gardening notebook

As you may remember from my PREVIOUS POST I have been taking care of our backyard this summer.  To keep track of all garden-related information I made myself a little gardening notebook.

What I really like about this project is that it is made with 99% recycled materials.  The cover is made from magazine pages cut into strips and weaved together.  I used different hues of green to create an interesting pattern.

The back page is also weaved, using slightly more "monochrome" pages.

The book is bound using Japanese stab binding technique.  I used leftover yarn from the CROCHETED PURSE I made a while ago.  The long string left after the binding serves as a closure.  It is also handy for tying up a pen or a pencil.

I used blue pages for the back cover.  The only non-recycled part of the book is the sticky plastic wrap used to hold both covers together.

Even the pages of the notebook are recycled: I used single-sided printed pages folded in two.
I really like this gardening notebook and looking at the pile of single-sided printed pages accumulating at my work I am thinking of making several more.  

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