13 July, 2011

Sister's photos


It's too hot to cook and too early in the day to craft. What should Anya do? GARDEN!!!
It's my first year taking care of our backyard.  My gardening adventures had some ups and downs and I am planning on writing more about it.  Today I am just sharing some photos MY SISTER took when she was over a couple of weeks ago.

I have planted herbs on the balcony: 3 types of basil, parsley, oregano, sage, marjoram and ....
Lemon thyme

It grows very nicely and has a pleasant lemony taste.  I have been adding it to SALADS and found some interesting recipes for thyme ice cream!

This pretty little bush was full of gorgeous flowers.  Unfortunately it seems like our balcony is not the ideal spot for azaleas.
Azalea which refuses to bloom

This poor guy (aka lemon tree)  has been through a lot: I got it several years ago from a girl whose apartment I was subletting.   It lived on the patio for the whole summer and was moved inside the house for winter.
Lemon tree

A year later it survived a move to another apartment where it was slightly neglected and even abused by my cat.  When I was moving (yet again) last year I was almost convinced to leave it, since poor guy was in a quite miserable condition.  Thankfully, I took it with me and it is now enjoying the sun and the rain and seems to be getting new leaves all over!  Who knows, maybe one day it will thank me with a tiny little lemon ... or two.

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