14 December, 2010

Travelling album part-1

This was a gift to a wonderful couple who enjoy traveling around the world (they are somewhere in Singapore right now) and always come back full of stories and with a ton of pictures.  The album was inspired by old travel books, pirates (the girl LOVES "Pirates of the Caribbean", although we all know that she is just crazy about Johnny Depp), and pop-up books. 

Front cover

 The left page has a pocket for extra pictures

A close-up of a second page

A sliding photo-holder reveals a "secret" place for notes/journaling

The "pirate" page with an envelope to store memorabilia and pictures.  The "map" is 100% hand-made (stamp and distress ink)

Pages 5 and 6

 A very busy fifth page: 4 photos and a page for notes

More details from the page 5

Another unusual page with a place for a photo and spaces for notes

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