19 December, 2010

DIY Christmas links part-3

Here is the final part of DIY Christmas series.  Today it is all about ...

Image by Andrew C. via Stock.xchng

Dana (Made) shares her tutorials for easy hand-made Christmas gifts.  She also has a post about gift-wrapping.
Maya (Maya*Made) posts instructions for a hand-made oatmeal sachet - an excellent stocking stuffer.
I LOVE these water-balloon luminarias from Wendy (Wisdom of the Moon).  Make some extra to decorate your house with.

Gift Wrapping
I really like these four creative gift wrapping ideas from Jeromina Juan (Paper Plate and Plane).
Ez (Creature Comfort) suggest using earrings as part of gift embellishments.  She provides a couple of inspirational photos.
Jessica (Two Shades of Pink) had a three-day gift wrapping marathon (wrappathon???). Day1, day2, and day3. 
Moe (Cross My Hooks) shows how to crochet pretty gift-tags and cute red and green stars (click here for the stars tutorial).  She also shares a video to illustrate how to finger-knit a ribbon out of tissue paper yarn.  You can use it as a garland or to wrap your gifts.
And here you can find a collection of gift wrapping ideas from Marianne (Songbird).
Jessica Jones (How About Orange) has a tutorial about paper bows (the ones you use to decorate gifts with) made with magazine pages.  She also inspired Kristen (Big Box Detox) to make felted bows.
Katy (No Big Dill) shared her tips on easy gift wrapping using yarn, label stickers, and other easy-to-find supplies.
Ash and Kimmy (Green Eyed Monster) show their collection of green gift-wrapping ideas.
And here is another gift-wrapping collection from Sasha (What. No Mints?).
Last, but not least, great DIY holiday collection from Maya (Maya*Made).  She's got it all: ornaments, gift-wrapping, and decorations. 

Part 1 - DIY Decorating
Part 2 - DIY Tree Ornaments 

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