04 August, 2008

Enough is enough

How do you know that you have been crocheting A LOT (or that you are an itsy-bit obsessive)?

Yeah, these are my hands. I have been crocheting so much that my right hand is sore and I have to wrap it tightly to prevent some irritating movements.
What should be blamed for my injury? These guys, right here:

I know they look cute and innocent but they are the sole reason for my pain!


  1. Oh! but...

    That's a very photogenic wrist wrap! And I'm impressed by your dexterity; taking a picture while holding the camera in your mouth.. hum... quite something.

    BTW, your chochet technique is really getting good. Everything is so even.

  2. Ha ha I've been telling you that I am multitasking, eh? Mind you I was also typing up this post with my toes, AND listening to the radio! I wonder if anyone can beat this ....

  3. great stitching and they are .... forgive me, I haven't crocheted in a while!

    Are you on Ravelry, btw?

  4. Why, thank you!

    I am on Ravelry but do not use it much. My username over there is CrazyCC

  5. Those balls make me want to get back to crochet! I love them - the shapes and colours of orange and green remind me of cantaloup and honeydew melons!

  6. Hey, traveling woman... now that the "blobs" (do they have an official name yet?) aren't a surprise anymore, hurry up and update so all can see their cute demeanour! :)

  7. To Sel and Poivre - thank you very much. It's true, they do look like cantaloupes and honeydews, although by now it's no secret that they are just funny Blobs.

    To Eric - I did not come up with any names. Maybe my friends called them something different than just "blobs". Oh, btw, thank you for commenting - ha ha ha ha