30 January, 2005

about SAS-does

SAS-does is a blog about
  • my creative endeavours: paper crafts, knitting, ikebana, crochet, and other occasional projects and crafts I dabble in
  • things I like to do: camping, cooking, reading, and making monthly plans 
  • people I love: my sister and my boyfriend, my family and friends
  • my favourite pets: Sebka and Nyook
  • my sources of inspiration: books, art, blogs, and music
and an occasional dose of simple every-day life.

I began blogging in 2006, at the time when I discovered camping and veganism.  I blogged for a while, then stopped, and eventually got back to blogging a couple of years later - to share my new-found passion: crochet.

In 2008 Eric, my sister and I started an online magazine PassiFlora.  An idea of an e-magazine dedicated to green, environmentally friendly living came to me late one evening and after months of hard work and lots of help from my wonderful friends it finally materialize into a full-blown online project.  Eric, Liza, and I worked on several issues of the magazine.  Unfortunately we soon realized that this endeavour was just too big for us to handle.  That was the time when I gave up blogging and was sure I would never get back to it.

I do not remember what prompted me to post the chips and nuts pumpkin squares recipe in November 2010, but that was the day SAS-does was born.  I've been blogging quite regularly since and so far I am enjoying it!

There are two navigation tools at SAS-does: 

Pages at the top of the blog and blog series on the right side.  There is also a search option in case you are looking for something specific.

My favorite posts on SAS-does: bookbinding tutorials (coptic stitch and long-stitch binding), Christmas handmade holidays feature, brownies recipe, and a collection of pictures from last summer.

Still not sure where to go?
Whatever it is, I would love to hear from you.  Leave me a comment or drop a line at sas(dot)does(@)gmail(dot)com

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