24 August, 2013


It has been quiet here again but my offline life has bee busier than ever.  Some major changes happened.  No, not the wedding bells but a full-time "nine-to-five" job.  It's exciting, inspiring, but also a little bit scary.  I am getting used to it and hope to still have tome to craft, take pictures, blog, and continue to grow this little place of mine.
Beside my new work I've also been involved in a couple of creative projects and have an order for customised photo albums.  Busy busy busy....

Beautiful print from vol.25

Thank you for staying with me during this transitional period.  I will find and adopt a new routine, my way to combine serious and fun, work and play, teaching and learning.  While away from blog-writing I sill managed to do some blog reading and here are 10 of my favourite blog posts from this week.
Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friends!  I will be back soon, I promise.

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