11 June, 2013

ARTBOOK {create}

Here are two pages I've made for my artbook while experimenting with watercolours.
I found letter drawing stencils and used them to spell out CREATE on the first spread.  I filled the background with synonyms of "create": from vision to artistry, from originality to genius.

To add some dimension I glued letter "C" and used one of my stamps to give it some interesting design.

For the second watercoloured spread I wrote some of my favourite quotes about creativity, which I am hoping to share as printable cards.  I wanted them to look as if written by different people so I had fun practicing different handwritings.

Speaking of artbooks, Kalitanya wrote about her experience at Toronto's stop of The Sketchbook Project mobile library. Her post is in Russian (use Google translate), enjoy the images and don't forget to check out The Sketchbook Project website!

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