22 February, 2013


I can't believe it has been this long since my last ikebana post!  Time to catch up.

Here is a collage of classical ikebana arrangements from our Monday classes in 2012. The quality of the shots is not amazing because of rather low lighting in our practice room.

We've got to play with lots of different materials and I thought it would be fun to choose 3 of my favorite traditional arrangements for 2012.
  • Cattail arrangement gets the thrid place.  I love its straight lines and long leaves.
  • Aspidistra is one of traditional materials for classical arrangements.  To tell you the truth I am always nervous when working with these leaves - not only do I have to make sure the proportions are correct, but the orientation of leaves plays an important role.  It's not an easy arrangement to pull of but I think I did a good job with mine.

  • I still remember the day we made this beautiful aliums and hosta leaves arrangements.  We've experimented with different forms and all three of them (Mona's, Caroline's and mine) turned out to be my favorites of the year!

Stay tuned for free style arrangements of 2012.
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