06 January, 2013

WEEKLY QUOTE free printables, week 1

This year I want to keep a record of passing weeks. I know that I won't have time (or enough dedication) to do something as big as "Project Life" but I will definitely try to take notes and pictures throughout the year to somehow document 2013.
While I am still figuring out the exact process, one thing I would like to do for sure is weekly quotes. In the past, I've shared some of my FAVORITE QUOTES and this year I would like to continue the tradition.  I am thinking of making free weekly printable quotes in different formats that you too can use as part of your projects, scrapbooking, record keeping, or even in Project Life.

Today's quote perfectly sums up my first week of January.  The whole week I did a lot of what makes me happy: sewing, baking, crafting .... creating!  I hope your first week of the year was as much fun and you will continue doing more of what makes you happy all year long.

To print the quote, simply right-click the image you like and ask for it to open in a new window/tab. You can then right-click the image and save it on your computer. All images are 3x4 inches.

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