18 January, 2013


Just a couple of quick news:

1 - Two cards and an album from MY LOVE line are now available at BRASS & RUFFLES.  I will have a more detailed post about the whole line and will be listing a couple of cards later today.

2 - My VEGAN PARMESAN recipe was featured in 16 DIY WHOLE FOOD DIARY FREE CHEESE SUBSTITUTES article at Organic authority.  It's such a fun coincidence since I was planning on experimenting with vegan cheese-making.  Now I have a bunch of recipes to try!

3 - I will be posting free printable February calendar page tomorrow morning.  Just like the JANUARY calendar it will have a neat "to do" list to help you organize the shortest month of the year!

4 - It is very cold here in Montreal.  Just thought of sharing this with you even if it has nothing to do with the blog.

Happy Friday!

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