31 December, 2012


Only 12 hours left until the New Year!  I am happy that 2012 is over.  It was nice but somewhat difficult year and I am excited for the changes 2013 will bring.

I did some clean up on the laptop and found banner images from SAS does in 2012.  Placed one after another they really show what my months were about:

hardening off seedling, planning the garden and collecting first (and then second, and third, and forth) crops
paper crafting, sewing, and decorating
cooking and tea drinking
travelling to the noisy New York and enjoying quietness of the woods in October

Let the new year bring even more wonderful memories, let it be magical and exciting, filled with laughter and pleasant surprises!


P.S. I have a small surprise prepared for the month of January. I will do my best to share it tomorrow morning!

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