01 December, 2012


It has been quiet for a while here at SAS-does. November turned out to be sad and slow ... a rather unusual month. The melancholy came suddenly, soon after our camping trip, and it took me aback.
Yet despite the quietness I've managed to:
  • have an AMAZING trip to Vermont with Eric
  • start working out regularly
  • get a new, short hairdo
  • have my first Etsy sell
  • make a couple of things
  • turn 1 year older
Not bad for a melancholic girl, eh?
Luckily bad moods and sadness have been lifting; I am more energized and happy these days, my head is full of ideas, and my new MP3 player is filled with Christmas music.  And now the city is turning white, adding to my giddiness and excitement for the holiday season!

Before the blog colours will change to the December palette I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes from the month of November. 
We've been eating a lot of beets and pumpkins this month so it is not surprising that my favorite November recipes are mostly about these two wonderful vegetables:
Bon Appetit and hope to see you back soon!

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