19 December, 2012


Looking for last moment decoration ideas  for Christmas?  Ever thought of using apples for your Christmas decor?  Here are tips I've shared a couple of years ago at PassiFlora magazine.

No time to arrange a centerpiece for your Christmas table? Red and green apples echo the holiday colours and could be used as a decoration for the dinner-table or mantel. Arrange fruits in a deep bowl and add other seasonal ornaments such as sparkling garlands, pine cones, or pine branches.

Use apples to create natural candleholders. With a sharp knife carefully cut out the round hole, with diameter of the candle, in the top of the fruit. Scrape out the flesh and insert a tea-candle. Arrange a group of candles on a plate or a tray.

Apples make great name-tag holders for the holiday table. You can create a monochrome decoration with red apples or combine red and green ones for a multicoloured design.  Simply fold the green paper in two and cut out 2 leaf shapes.  Write the name of the guest on one of the leaves.  Pass one end of the twist-tie between the leaves and glue them together, white side in. Allow 2-5 minutes for the glue to dry.  Attach the loose end of the tie to the apple by wrapping it around the stem two or three times. Shorten the tie if needed by cutting of the excess.

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  1. I love those appled with the candles in them. What an amazing idea!!

    1. Thank you, Keith! BTW I've seen similar candleholders made with decorative pumpkins for Fall decor.