03 September, 2012

AUGUST JOURNAL: sneak peek

At the beginning of August I've mentioned a mini journal I had planned on making to celebrate the month. Today I am ready to share some of the pages.  The mini journal turned out better that I've expected: thick and messy, with bits and pieces sticking out all over.  LOVE IT!
I've read somewhere that annual poppies considered to be the symbol of August so a picture of one seemed to be appropriate for the first page:
Some spreads didn't have any pictures so I filled the space with writing.  If the background paper got to be too bright, I covered it with a thin layer of gesso to tune down the colours and to add some texture to the page.
Do you recognize the shot of the tarragon herbal lemonade?
On the 13th of August my sister and I left for New York.  I've used an old map of Manhattan as a background for some journaling
I decided to use "fake" Polaroid frames for some of our shots from NYC.  How big was my surprise when I found out that my New York friends had a Fujifulm INSTAX.  So this part of the journal turned out to be a collection of real and fake Polaroid.
The right page is a pocket made out of a NYCpass pamphlet and a photo.  I stuffed it with route directions from our trip.
Yeah, that's me on our way back from Michael's.  And that's our collection of MetroCards.
Receipts from the Metropolitan museum, pamphlet from Neue gallery, and a piece of packaging from Maoz vegetarian - AMAZING falafel and out-of-this-world yogurt sauce!!!!  Love the messy feel of the right side.
More ephemera collected through the days: a sleeve from Argo tea and tickets to CYCLONE!
And here is a collection of real and "fake" Polaroids.  Since the original Polaroid format is copyrighted, Fuji came up with their own sizes (left side).
... and some more pictures.
Back in Montreal, some days were exciting (seeing DCD perform at Bell Center), while others were more quiet.  So I got creative and filled the page with stamps: just a calm Saturday, spent at home.

Once again, I absolutely love how this journal turned out!  I will share more pictures of it soon, meanwhile let me know if you have any questions.

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