13 July, 2012


When my blogging gets irregular it usually means that my life is quite busy. This week was no exception: I've meant to post several recipes and take pictures of finished paper projects but instead I've spent most of my week creating a small gift for a baby boy.

One of my wonderful friends is expecting her first baby and since I've got a new toy (the first picture in the second row) I decided to make a couple of fun and useful things.

This super cute baby kimono was quite easy to make.  I found a .pdf with a pattern and sewing instructions saved on my computer.  It comes from HABITUAL and if you want your own copy just write an email to Amy.

By the way, if you do not want to make your own bias tape you can just buy premade one and sew it on.

Next is a pair of overalls - the cutest thing I've ever seen.

These were a bit more challenging to make but I absolutely love how they turned out.

The pattern comes from an old Burda magazine.  Did I mention how much I adore these cute overalls?

And finally a matching set of burp cloths - an indispensable gift for any baby.

I followed Dana's instructions to a tee and the result was fabulous. If you are planning on making chenille lined burp cloths keep in mind that chenille fabric is quite stretchy and as you will be sewing, the sides of the cloth may look ... mmm ... "crooked".  Try not to over-stretch your fabric and aim to have as neat of a rectangle as possible.
After sewing each side I would turn the cloth to the right side and make necessary adjustments.  I would advise to check your work as you go along.
At the same time, chenille is quite forgiving and you can "adjust" the final shape of the cloth while making the finishing stitch.

If you are planning on making any of the items mentioned above (or maybe you are working on a similar sewing project) here are some helpful links:

KIMONO pattern at Habitual
BURP CLOTH tutorial at DanaMadeIt
BIAS TAPE tutorial at DanaMadeIt
BIAS TAPE video tutorial at AngryChicken
BIAS TAPE tips at Sew4Home
TIPS on working with chenille

I will try to have some updates over the weekend: the long-promised summer recipe and some paper goodness.
Happy Friday the 13th!


  1. So glad that I found you via Pinterest! Thanks for following my boards! My mom made baby kimonos for my two sons when they were born and I love them. What a great friend you are for making such a thoughtful gift!

    1. Hi Rosa,
      thank you for your kind words. The kimono-style baby clothes reminded me of typical Russian tops they used to make for babies; very practical and light. I hope my friend's baby will enjoy it!

  2. Ania, you are really gifted and talented! I love what you did! and all your creations on the website - amazing!