01 May, 2012

May flowers

No cherry blossoms over here, instead one of my Malva seedlings opened a beautiful flower last night

There are two more buds getting ready to bloom. I am expecting to see the second flower tomorrow.

The garden is full of blooms as well.  After blue and white hyacinths in front of the house, we are treated to beautiful pink ones in the flowerbed.

And tulips emerge slowly: pink and purple ones.

although it seems like pink ones are a tad bit faster than their purple friends.

Today was spent outside: weeding the corner flowerbed (last one to make for this season), planting (lupinus, morning glory, sweet pea, candytuft), and enjoying a cool, grey, spring day!

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  1. It is sheer loveliness at your house. Thanks for sharing all that beauty.

    1. Aaaw ;) Thanks for your sweet words!