07 May, 2012

Breakfast club: green smoothie with a twist

Last week I had a strong craving for a simple and healthy breakfast so I decided to make a green smoothie (since everyone, including my mom, are raving about them).
Unfortunately, regular smoothies do not keep me full for a long time - I get hungry less than an hour later.  So I decided to make a super-smoothie and add oats to the delicious green drink.

I also wanted to add a new flavour to the fruity drink.  I've heard people pairing herbs with fruits (strawberry and basil, green apples and parsley, etc) so for my smoothie I thought of adding a bit of cilantro to the banana-pear mix.  I know some people can not stand this herb: my father-in-law, for example, loves the smell but has a hard time with cilantro taste, so much so that he can not swallow anything that taste cilantro-ish.
To me cilantro tastes fresh and makes me think of warm spring rains (maybe because it was one of the first herbs to appear on spring markets back in my country).  I really enjoyed it in the smoothie and can not wait to experiment more with other herbs from my garden.

There is no strict recipe to follow.  Simply blend together:
1 ripe banana
1 ripe pear (peeled)
2 small kale or chard leaves (thick stems removed)
2 tbsp rolled oats (optional)
1/2 - 1 cup of cold water
2 cilantro branches (optional)

Once all ingredients are blended, taste your smoothie and add water or more fruit for a desired taste and consistency.

As a fun extra - here are some photo bloopers.  I find these images quite fun even if they are blurry or have Sebka's tail in front of the cilantro pot.

And if you are planning on mixing and matching herbs with fruits take a look at THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS lists of herb-fruit combos.


  1. what blender do you have? I am not sure mine will handle oats

    1. I am pretty sure I made this one in our Magic Bullet. It didn't process oats 100% - you can see white specs on the first shots, those are tiny pieces of oats.
      You can soak oats in hot water to soften them up. Make sure to adjust the quantity of water since oats will thicken it up.

    2. Thanks, will do. Same question here - can i add yoghurt?

    3. Yes you can, but this smoothie is pretty thick because of oats so you might have to dilute it a bit or add a mix of yogurt and milk.