13 April, 2012

Morning in the garden

I couldn't sleep last morning... I woke up at 5AM and after an hour of tossing and turning decided to check on the garden.

The first chionodoxa flower was wide open, greeting me "good morning" ....

Green was popping up all over the flowerbed

I am amazed by the different shades of greens: lighter yellow-green of chionodoxa, dark dirty-green of phlox, grass-green of poppies, and almost blue green of tulips and daffodils.

And the green is invading the house: my tiny seedlings are growing big and strong:

Rudbeckia, lupin, chamomile, German thyme, scabiosa, dianthus are waiting impatiently to get transplanted outside.

And just before going to work I caught the red of peonies and a ray of sunshine.  What a wonderful beginning of the day....

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