13 January, 2012

13 on the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th, my dear readers!
Today I want to introduce a new feature: 13 on the 13th.  One of the plans I have for this blog is to make it more interactive and personal.  Apart from recipes, craft projects and my creative endeavors I would like to get to know my readers and for you to get to know me a little bit.  So every month, on the 13th I will be posting a list of 13 things that might not necessarily have to do with the usual content of this blog.  Today, welcome 13 random facts about me.

  1. I was born on Friday the 13th
  2. I was born in a country that does not exist anymore
  3. I am 6' 2''
  4. I studied classical piano for 8 years
  5. My biggest dream as a child was to be "the queen of the world"
  6. My second biggest dream was to have a cat or a dog (instead I got a sister)
  7. I am terrified of falling but not scared of heights.  I also don't like injections and worms
  8. I am extremely ticklish
  9. At different points of my life I wanted to be: astronaut, street sweeper, ballerina, psychologist, programmer, flower shop owner, teacher, dentist assistant, chef, anatomic pathologist, coffee shop/restaurant owner
  10. I've never been afraid of dentists but always hated ophthalmologists
  11. I have a sweet tooth (actually all my teeth are sweet)
  12. Despite my Russian roots I've never been a big drinker
  13. Although I grew up in a warm country, I prefer cold weather to hot days

Picture of me by my sister

Have a happy Friday!

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