15 December, 2011

P is for Presents

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I thought of bringing back an article I wrote a couple of years ago for PassiFlora magazine.  I've mentioned this project in the past - an online magazine, created by Eric, Liza, and me about all things green and eco-friendly.  Here are several ideas for eco-gift wrapping.

Christmas tree and sparkling decorations, cookies and milk, gift boxes and stocking stuffers are all part of the holiday seasons. However, most of the gift boxes, wrapping, and even decorations end up in the garbage day after the big celebration. This year make your holidays greener by incorporating these fresh ideas in your gift wrapping.

Be creative by using recycled and recyclable wrapping available at your house. For smaller gifts use brown lunch bags decorated with natural elements like pine cones and pine brunches. You can use figure-scissors to add a little twist to your packages.

If you want to be more creative paint bamboo-skewers and use them as fastening for the gifts. Make sure to use non-toxic environmentally friendly dyes. Simply create a pattern with the hole-puncher and “weave in” the skewer. It could be a nice way to get your children to help you.

Here is another great way to involve your children in gift-wrapping. Use plain brown paper to wrap the boxes and decorate it with children’s seasonal drawings and appliqués. Or you can release your inner child and do it yourself.

If opting for a traditional printed paper make sure to use the recyclable kind that is painted with non-toxic natural dyes. Try using strings and bows made out of natural materials such as hemp and cotton.

Another way to reuse this season is making gift tags from old Christmas and New Year holiday cards. Use the template provided below to cut the tags out of cards. If using signed side of the card glue two tags together. Punch a whole in the tag and embellish the gifts.

I really hope that these simple fresh ideas not only help you to make your holidays greener but also show that green holidays could be beautiful too.

And do not forget to check out my Pinterest board for more ideas of handmade and wrapped presents.
What handmade presents are you giving this season?

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