27 November, 2011

A is for Advent Calendars

It's time to begin my Christmas Countdown for all things handmade. Today's letter is A:

I have been collecting my favorite advent calendar tutorials and images on my A IS FOR ADVENT CALENDAR board.  It was quite difficult to choose only 5 to post here but these are my final picks:

Being a big fan of origami I really like Lorajean's ORIGAMI ADVENT CALENDAR.  Lorajean made it out of craft paper but it would look as nice in coloured or patterned paper.

Meredith Church, from Lily Janet Stationery shares her CREATIVE ADVENT CALENDAR: make a paper chain-garland and use each link to write an activity for the day.  I think it makes for a fun way to spend December days.

Benita from Chez Larsson shares a SIMPLE AND STYLISH ADVENT CALENDAR she made for her 17 year old son.  

Nicole from VisualHeart has a step-by-step tutorial for HER VERSION OF THE ADVENT CALENDAR.  I am looking forward to see what she would pin on it.

I absolutely love Dana's (Made) idea of a BOOK ADVENT CALENDAR.  Spending time reading Christmas stories with children is an amazing way to count 25 days till holidays.

What are your favorite Advent Calendars?  Maybe you are working on one and would like to share it?  Leave a comment or email
See you tomorrow!

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