07 November, 2011

Daily deals for paper artists

WARNING: The content of this post is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

Let's be honest, the cost of quality supplies for paper artists and scrapbookers is ginormous.  Luckily, there are more and more Deal of the Day websites for art and craft supplies, especially for scrapbooking.  I decided to make a list of my favorite ones:

PEACHY CHEAP was the first deal of the day website I've discovered and till today it is one of my favorites.  The process is simple: 1 daily deal Monday to Friday and 1 deal over the weekend.  If the deal sells out fast they often offer something else later that day.  I really like the variety of brands, fast shipping, and the fact that they SHIP TO CANADA!
PEACHY CHEAP also has a "Daily deals for women" site, called A SIDE OF PEACHES.

CROP CHOCOLATE is probably the most addictive site of them all.  It is not just a daily deal website, it's much bigger than that.  First of all, you get several deals throughout the day for very very sweet prices.  Secondly, you do not have to buy right away, you can add your items to La Carte and wait to check out later to receive a sweet shipping price.  Thirdly, there is a sweet, great, supportive community of Chocoholics to interact with.  Fourthly, there is Hot Chocolate option for your order.  Fifthly .... do I need to continue???
Oh, and they SHIP TO CANADA!!!

CRAFTY STEALS is my third favorite deal of the day scrapbooking website.  Crafty Steals offers one new deal per day but there is still an option to buy previous steals and save on shipping.  And if you like sewing do not forget to check out STITCH STEALS for amazing deals on fabric.
And yes, you guessed it CANADIAN SHIPPING!

I am yet to order from CRAFTY CATCH but this deal of the day website features tons of amazing supplies at amazing prices.  Unfrotunately, shipping to Canada is a little bit steep but there is an option to get previous deals and combined shipping.  Current deals do not change daily, instead they are featured for 2-3 days.  I am looking forward to getting some of their goodies soon.

Here is a list of other Daily Deals websites. I never shopped from them but would love to hear your opinion/comments.  Also, let me know if there are other Daily Deals paper craft websites that I forgot to mention.

FLOWERS TO FLOURISHES (no Canadian shipping)
SCRAPPIN DEALS N STEALS (might not ship to Canada)

These scrapbook stores have "Daily Deal" section:
SCRAPPIN GREAT DEALS (Canadian store!)

Other fun Daily Deals websites:


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  7. There's also scrapace.com....I've ordered from them a few times, usually for paper bundles, and the shipping to Canada is ok!

    Sadly, cropchocolate is no longer a DAD site. :(

    scrappindealsnsteals...awesome site...ordered from them quite a few times, very reasonable shipping to Canada.

  8. oohhh--I forgot!

    blitsy.com is also another great site. They have new deals 3x a week (M-W-F), starting around noon EST. I have gotten quite a few supplies from them.

    Another one that many people do not know is Zulily. Type 'scrapbooking' or 'papercrafts' in the search box, and up come all kinds of different products.

    1. Hi Laura!
      Yeah, this post needs to be updated with new sites. Thank you for all your suggestions. I've heard of Blitsy but had no idea that Zulily has scrapbooking stuff! Good to know!

      P.S. And thank you for following my blog. Hope you'll enjoy it.

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