05 October, 2011

September kaleidoscope

October just began and I am already busy with University and work-related stuff. While I am working on my thesis proposal take a look at fun projects/articles/websites I found last month:

Image generated by The Color Of

  • One of my friends showed me these BEAUTIFUL LAMPS from Calabarte.  So pretty!!!!
  •  Another inspiring woman - Emma Rowena Gatewood aka GRANDMA GATEWOOD who was the first woman to through-hike Appalachian trail.
  • Ever wonder what colour is Wednesday?  Or October? Or even your name?  Wonder no more: THE COLOR OF project allows you to enter a word/phrase and  see its true colours.
  • I think this BIG SNOWY OWL would make a nice pre-winter knitting project.
Image via The Purl Bee

      I will be slightly changing the format of Kaleidoscope.  Instead of a monthly post it will become more of a weekly feature.  I am hoping to share more online goodness with you and would love to see your favorite websites in the comment section.

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